Slots RTP – What does RTP mean?

Avid online slot and table game players have heard the term RTP mentioned on several occasions. How many players know what this elusive term means and its importance when selecting an online slot to play?

RTP is an acronym for Return to Player and describes the amount a slot will pay back to the player over a large number of spins and the RTP is expressed as a percentage. An example of this would be a slot that has an RTP of 96.00% meaning it will pay the player an amount of $96.00 for every $100 played on the slot.

It is calculated on the number of spins before the slot pays out. The bottom line is anything can happen when you decide to play a specific slot as you have no idea how many spins the slot machine made before you started playing it. You could be the lucky recipient of a large payout, and that’s the thrill of online gambling.

Andy Professional Gaming Editor

RTP in Slots

Software developers take time developing slots as it is complicated and more elaborate than players realize. The developers have to ensure the slot pays out precisely what the advertised RTP is. Particularly when it comes to slot games with more features and a large number of paylines.

In saying that rest assured, all slots have a program that they always give back the percentage of the money that goes into it. The distribution of the RTP varies from one slot to another, but if a slot states its RTP is 97.20%, it will return that exact amount put into it over an infinite number of spins.

Facts about Return to Player Slot Games

Truths, as well as myths, surround Slots. For a player to grasp and play an online slot one needs to know the facts and understand the foolproof measures put in place to ensure it’s a safe, honest and secure environment.

  • One of the myths is that online casinos can manipulate the slot games RTP. This is far from the truth. Firstly the casinos do not own the slots. They rent them from software developers and store them on their servers. Hence the online casino has no access to the game and cannot change any of the score settings.
  • Another statement that circulates frequently is that Progressive Jackpots influence the RTP of slots. In most cases, this is true as it will advertise the slots RTP as 96%. However, part of that RTP goes to the Progressive Jackpot Pool.


The RTP of a slot is an important feature, and understanding its function will assist players in choosing slots. It is also essential to realize online casinos cannot alter these numbers so when playing your favourite slot game your wins will be at the advertised RTP unless it’s a Progressive Jackpot slot.