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Legend has it that Bingo first began in Italy in the 1500s where it is said it started as a lottery game called II Giucco del Lotto. From there it moved to France in the late 1770s, and a young Frenchman developed an alternate version of the game.

By the 18th Century, the game had found a permanent home in Britain and was widely played across Industrial towns and cities before finding a market in other countries which included the US.

Heather Gartland Senior Gaming Author

How Does Online Bingo Work?

Bingo is a game of chance, and it’s a very social game usually at a meagre cost to players, in essence, it’s an online game that is outstanding value for money.

The main aim of Bingo when playing online is to mark off numbers on a card and complete a line or a full house to win the prize. Nowadays, there are more variations, and Bingo has become extremely popular amongst online gamblers. The variations include side games and live chat rooms where online players can get tips and become part of an online Bingo Community.

Differences in Online Bingo Sites

When choosing an online Bingo site players, all have different personal preferences, and luckily there are a plethora of Bingo sites available. Selecting the right online Bingo site can also become daunting as they differ from site to site all offering alluring Welcome Bonuses and other package deals. Here are a few of the differences you can expect when surfing the web looking for the online Bingo site that best suits your needs:

  • Brands- Some Bingo sites are affiliated to larger branded companies and may often offer links to separate platforms for casino games, lotto and a sportsbook.
  • Size – Size should not always be a deciding factor; yes, the smaller brands may not have as big a selection of games; however, they offer that personal touch.
  • Themes- Themes vary and can offer a fun element to the Bingo environment.
  • Software and Networks- Many of the sites run on Dragonfish, so don’t be dismayed when you see similarities its positive because it means a reputable and safe developer provides the software.
  • Payment Options- These can vary so research this carefully before you decide to sign up at your chosen Bingo Site.
  • Games- The games will differ across most sites and offer players a tasty variety of Bingo and Slots. Some websites may even have games that are exclusive to them.

Types of Online Bingo Games

There is a good selection of online Bingo games available to play online. The variants can also differ and depends on which site you have chosen to play at. In saying that most sites will generally offer the following games:

  • 30 Ball Bingo
  • 75 Ball Bingo
  • 80 Ball Bingo
  • 90 Ball Bingo

Selecting A Bingo Site

Online Bingo is different from online casino games; therefore, there are various steps to apply when selecting a site. We have compiled six easy steps to assist you therewith.

  • Step 1 – Find an online Bingo site that supports a friendly community and ethical values as it’s the online Bingo chat group that adds to the fun when playing the game. Also, look for functionality and an excellent user interface after all you want to enjoy your gaming experience. Last but not least, select a site that monitors the Bingo chat regularly to eliminate bad behavior.
  • Step 2 – Look for an Online Bingo site with substantial cash prizes.
  • Step 3- Review their Bonuses and Ongoing Promotions. A good Online Bingo site will offer a Sign-Up Bonus, and some offer a No Deposit Bonus, which is less common. A promotion that is becoming popular is the Winnings Booster which multiplies your winnings by a factor so look out for Bingo sites offering that superb promotion.
  • Step 4- Bingo Variety is an essential look for a site that offers a vast selection of online Bingo variants. Some online Bingo games can also have bonus balls and different themes, keeping excitement levels high and winnings substantial.
  • Step 5- Choose a mode that you enjoy to be it Single Player Mode or Hybrid Player Mode, which pools your money with other players.
  • Step 6- Software Providers play a pivotal role in the selection process as software providers power online Bingo rooms.

Learn The Lingo

Bingo Lingo is all part of the Bingo Community, and here we have listed some of the Bingo Lingo used in chats:

  • ROFL- Roll on the floor laughing
  • SYS- See you soon
  • SS – So Sorry
  • WDW- Well done winner
  • 1TG/2TG/3TG – this refers to the amount of numbers you are waiting for
  • GL – Good Luck
  • WTG- Way to Go
  • YW- You’re welcome
  • HB – Hurry back
  • ASL- Age, sex, location

Is Online Bingo Fair?

Online Bingo is fair, and all online Bingo sites are licensed and regulated by official Governing Bodies. These Governing Bodies ensure fair gaming happens across the board and added to this a Random Number Generator is always used which selects the numbers randomly with no human interference.

The central Governing Bodies are:

  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Gambling Commission Isle of Man
  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission
  • Alderney Gambling Control


Online Bingo is growing in popularity at a phenomenal rate, and the variety is far larger online than in Bingo Halls. Players can also make new friends in a safe environment at a minimal cost and offers players some fantastic cash prizes. There are hundreds of Bingo sites available, so test a few and always read their Terms and Conditions before signing up and becoming part of a safe and secure Online Bingo Community.