Carnival City Casino

Carnival City Casino, located in Brakpan South Africa, is a vibrant entertainment complex that offers an exciting casino experience.

With a wide range of gaming options, thrilling promotions, top-notch entertainment, and excellent dining choices, Carnival City Casino is a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

At Carnival City, the casino is the heart of the action, offering a wide range of gaming options and a lively atmosphere. Moreover, catering to the preferences of all guests, designated smoking areas ensure a comfortable gaming experience for both smokers and non-smokers alike.

However, Carnival City goes beyond the casino floor, providing an array of enticing features. From delectable dining options at various restaurants to exciting entertainment for the kids, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to embark on a journey of non-stop fun and excitement at Carnival City Casino!

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Carnival City Address and Contact Information

Finding Carnival City Casino couldn't be easier, here’s what you need to know:

Street Address:

Corner Century and Elsburg Roads, Brakpan, 1540, South Africa.

GPS Coordinates:

Latitude: 26° 15' 25.4808" S
Longitude: 28° 18' 55.6848" E

Telephone Numbers:

Casino Switchboard: +27 (0) 11 898 7000.
Hotel Reservations: +27 (0) 11 898 7200.

Carnival City Hotel

Ensuring a stay as thrilling as your days, the Carnival City Hotel offers rooms outfitted with all the modern amenities, elegant decor, and 24/7 room service for your convenience.

Firstly, the hotel with its 105 rooms, offers a range of stylish rooms and suites, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests.

From cozy standard rooms to spacious suites, choose to have your room at the pool side or with garden views.

Hotel Rooms On Offer:

Standard Twin.

Family Twin Standard.

King Standard.

Standard King Family.

Accessible Room.

Whether you're visiting for business or leisure, the Carnival City Hotel provides a relaxing retreat after a day of excitement and entertainment. Importantly, a continental buffet breakfast is served in the hotel’s restaurant.

Carnival City Standard Twin Family Hotel Room
Fig1. Carnival City’s Standard twin family hotel room.
Carnival City Standard King Hotel Room
Fig2. Carnival City’s Standard King hotel room.

Carnival City Casino

As the centerpiece of Carnival City, the casino offers an extensive selection of close to 2,000 slot machines.

To enhance convenience, all slot machines use smart cards for a seamless gaming experience. Additionally, designated smoking areas cater to smokers, ensuring a comfortable environment for all guests.

About Carnival City’s Slots:

From traditional reel machines to innovative video slots, Carnival City Casino boasts a wide variety to keep the excitement high.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, betting starts on some slot machines from as little as two cents right up to R500.00 per spin.

Slots Variety:

Carnival’s casino features a wide variety of slot machines, including classic reel slots, video slots, and modern multi-line slots. This ensures that players can choose their preferred style of slot machines.

Exciting Themed Slots:

Also, slot machines at Carnival City Casino come in various themes, ranging from adventure and fantasy to popular movies and TV shows. Additionally, this will add an extra level of excitement and engagement to the gaming experience.

Flexible Betting:

Carnival City Casino offers a range of coin denominations to accommodate different budgets and playing styles. Moreover, whether you're new to slots or a seasoned high roller, you'll find slots with suitable coin denominations.

Jackpot Slots:

For those dreaming of a big win, Carnival City offers popular progressive jackpots such as:

  • SunStriker.
  • Thunder Cash Link, Empress of the Pyramids.
  • Cash Connection Link, Charming lady.
Carnival City Jackpot Slot Thunder Cash
Fig3. Carnival City’s Jackpot Slot Thunder Cash.
Cash Connection Jackpot Slots Carnival City Casino
Fig4. Cash Connection Jackpot Slots Carnival City Casino.

Carnival City Table Games:

Experience an exciting variety of over 57 tables at Carnival City Casino, spread throughout both the smoking and non-smoking areas.

Whether you prefer the thrill of American Roulette, the strategic game of Blackjack, the elegance of Baccarat, or the excitement of Poker, Carnival has everything for the gaming enthusiast.

Here’s a brief overview of the table games:

American Roulette:

Players can try their luck on the classic American Roulette wheel, placing bets on their favourite numbers or combinations. Importantly, remember American Roulette features both the numbers 0 and 00.


Carnival City Casino features multiple blackjack tables, providing an exciting card game experience where players compete against the dealer to reach a hand total of 21 without going over.


Baccarat is a popular card game at the casino, where players can bet on either the player's or the banker's hand, aiming to have a hand value closest to nine.


Carnival City casino offers various poker variations, including Texas Hold'em and Caribbean Stud Poker, giving players the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete against fellow players.

For an exclusive and intimate gaming experience, head to the Club Privé, where high-stakes table games those with nerves of steel.

Carnival City's Privé Casino

Freshly revamped and now more spacious than ever before, the exclusive Privé is an exciting gaming area reserved exclusively for Sun MVG Diamond and Platinum members.

For our esteemed high-rollers, Carnival City’s Privé casino, offers an enhanced gaming experience with a variety of options. Choose from 80 high-denomination slot machines and 15 tables featuring popular games, the same as previously mentioned:

  • American Roulette.
  • Raise'em Poker.
  • Baccarat.
  • Blackjack.

All the action takes place in a new chic and contemporary setting. Additionally, privacy, personal service, and premium catering are given the utmost importance.

Moreover, the attention to detail extends to the gaming tables themselves, which have been custom-built by leading casino styling guru TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

Carnival City’s Stunning New Privé Room
Fig3. Carnival City’s Stunning New Privé Room.
Modern Stylish New Entrance to Carnival’s Privé Casino
Fig4. Modern Stylish New Entrance to Carnival’s Privé Casino.

These rooms provide a more secluded atmosphere for high-stakes gaming, allowing guests to enjoy their favourite games in a more private setting.

Most notably, Carnival’s private gaming rooms are ideal for casino players who seek a higher level of privacy and personalized service during their visit.

Casino Promotions At Carnival:

Carnival City Casino runs exciting promotions to enhance the gaming experience for its patrons. Keep in mind, that casino promotions will change. So here are some example promotions at the time of writing:


Exclusive discounts and rewards for guests aged 55 and over.

Unleash The Fun:

Surprises and rewards to add excitement to your visit.

Aweh Thursdays:

Thursday nights filled with entertainment and the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

Diamond Draws:

Exclusive draws for Sun MVG Diamond and Platinum cardholders, offering incredible prizes like cash, cars, and luxurious getaways.

Carnival City Casino Promotions
Fig5. Carnival City Casino Pormotions.

Events and Entertainment:

Carnival City Casino hosts a diverse range of events and entertainment throughout the year. From motorsport festivals to concerts featuring renowned artists, there is always something happening at Carnival City.

Additionally, shows like the Great Moscow Circus and the Aussie Circus provide unforgettable experiences for visitors of all ages. Also, events at Carnival City are do not have fixed times or dates, they happen adhoc so check with Carnival for accurate event information.

Carnival City Restaurants and Bars:

Carnival City offers a variety of dining options to suit different tastes. Here's an overview of the restaurants and bars available:

Ocean Basket:

Fresh and delicious seafood from the ocean to the plate.


Big fat juicy mouth watering burgers and gourmet milkshakes.


Trendy sports bar with a wide selection of beers and pub-style food.

Panarottis Pizza Pasta:

Family-friendly restaurant serving excellent pizzas and pastas.

Calisto's Portuguese Restaurant:

Authentic Portuguese cuisine.

Thunder Eagle Spur:

Steakhouse with an extensive menu for adults and the children.

Shun Du:

Stylish Chinese food restaurant.

Fego Caffe:

Cosy cafe offering coffee, pastries, and fresh light meals.

Carnival City Bar:

Lively bar where visitors can enjoy a wide selection of drinks.

Duke & Jesters:

Sophisticated lounge bar with a relaxed atmosphere.

Things to do at Carnival City:

Carnival City Casino is a family-friendly destination with various activities for children. Here's a glimpse of the kid-friendly attractions available:

Ster Kinekor Cinemas:

Firstly, having a family movie night at Carnival City is an absolute blast in any of Carnival City’s six high-tech Ster-Kinekor cinemas showcasing the most recent hits. Additionally, they are equipped to offer a stunning 3D viewing experience.

Carnival City Ster Kinekor Cinemas
Fig6. Kids Cinema Carnival City.

Lazer Zone:

Next, we have the Lazer Zone. This is a place for thrill-seekers. You can play laser tag with friends, making it an exciting and fun experience.

Lazer Zone Carnival City
Fig7. Lazer Zone At Carnival City.

Magic Company Arcade:

Then there's the Magic Company Arcade. It's full of different games, from classics to new favourites. It's perfect for those who enjoy video games and winning prizes.

Magic Company Arcade Carnival
Fig8. The Magic Company Arcade.

Go Karting:

Furthermore, Go Karting at Carnival City is a must-try. This activity allows you to race your friends around a track. It's a fun and an adrenaline pumping experience.

Go Karting Carnival City East Rand
Fig9. Go Kart Racing For The Family At Carnival City.

Tenpin Bowling:

Also, Tenpin Bowling is available. This is a fun game that everyone can enjoy, from kids to adults. It's a nice way to bond with family or friends.

Ten Pin Bowling
Fig10. Tenpin Bowling for the kids, Adults and Friends At Carnival City.

Kidzone Crèche:

In addition, there's the Kidzone Crèche. It's a safe and fun place for kids. Here, your children can play and make new friends while you enjoy other activities.

Kidzone Crèche Safe Fun Enviroment Kids
Fig11. Kidzone Crèche A Safe, Fun Enviroment For The Kids.

Pocket Park Outdoor Rides:

Lastly, don't forget the Pocket Park Outdoor Rides. These are fun and thrilling rides that give you a spectacular view of Carnival City. It's an exciting way to end a day full of fun and adventure.

Pocket Park and Outdoor Rides
Fig12. Pocket Park Outdoor Rides, Fun For the Whole family.

Sun MVG Loyalty Programme:

Importantly, Carnival City Casino offers the Sun MVG (Most Valued Guest) loyalty programme, providing exclusive benefits and rewards to MVG members.

The programme consists of four tiers, each tier offers increasing rewards, such as discounts, complimentary meals, priority service, and access to exclusive events and promotions.

MVG Card and Loyalty Points:

Firtsly by obtaining an MVG Card, guests can earn points while playing their favourite casino games including slots. Secondly, the loyalty program consists of different tiers, including Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum cards.

Here's how it works:

MVG Card Tiers:

The loyalty program consists of different tiers based on the points accumulated through gaming and other activities at the casino.

Guests can progress through tiers, starting from Silver and advancing to Gold, Diamond, and Platinum cards as you accumulate more points.

Earn Points:

Whenever guests use their MVG Card while playing slots, table games, or other eligible activities, you earn points. The more points accumulated, the higher the tier, the greater your rewards.

Benefits and Rewards:

The MVG Card unlocks various benefits and rewards based on the tier level. These rewards may include discounts, complimentary meals, priority service, access to exclusive events and more.

Finally, guests can enjoy a range of perks and privileges as you progress through the MVG loyalty program.

Sun MVG Loyalty Cards Benefits Rewards Programme
Fig13. MVG Cards, Earn Benefits and Rewards On Each Card.

Carnival City Multi-venue Conference Centres:

Carnival City offers multi-venue conference centres with state-of-the-art facilities, making it an ideal choice for business events and conferences.

The venues are equipped with modern technology, versatile spaces, and professional staff to ensure successful and memorable events.

In Conclusion:

To conclude, Carnival City is a one-stop destination, packed with fun and excitement for all. Starting with the casino, it's a dream for those who enjoy games of chance.

The lively casino floor is full of slot machines, each one presenting a unique game and the possibility of a big win. Plus, a range of table games like poker, blackjack, and roulette are available.

These games attract both newcomers and experienced players alike, adding to the dynamic atmosphere of the casino. For those desiring an elevated gaming experience, the Salon Privé is the perfect option.

Offering a luxurious and exclusive setting, it brings an added level of sophistication to the gaming experience.

Moving on to the events, Carnival City never disappoints. It is a vibrant epicenter for a wide array of entertainment options. Whether it's live concerts, comedy shows, or special events, there's always something to keep visitors engaged and entertained.

It's this constant rotation of events that makes every visit to Carnival City a unique experience.

Regarding food, a diverse selection of restaurants caters to all tastes and preferences. Whether you're in the mood for a quick snack or a sit-down meal, the options are excellent.

From local delicacies to international cuisines, each restaurant serves up a culinary adventure, satisfying every palate.

But that's not all, Carnival City is a wonderful place for family entertainment too. From movie nights at Ster Kinekor Cinemas to fun games at the Magic Company Arcade.

There's even the Kidzone Crèche for the youngest visitors to enjoy, giving parents peace of mind while they indulge in other activities.

Lastly, the outdoor rides at Pocket Park offer a thrilling conclusion to a day packed with excitement. The rides are both fun and offer spectacular views of the entire complex.

In short, Carnival City is much more than just a place. It's an experience, a flurry of activities, excitement, and enjoyment. No matter what you're looking for, I’m certain Carnival City has entertainment for everyone.

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What types of games can I play at the Carnival City casino?

Firstly, the Carnival City casino offers a variety of games. You can try your luck at the slot machines or enjoy table games like poker, blackjack, and roulette. Additionally, for a more exclusive experience, you can visit the Salon Privé.

Are there events at Carnival City?

Absolutely! Next, Carnival City regularly hosts a range of events. From live concerts to comedy shows, there's always something exciting happening.

What kind of food options are available?

Then, in terms of dining, Carnival City has a diverse selection of restaurants. They cater to all tastes, serving everything from local to international cuisines.

Is there entertainment for kids?

Definitely! Furthermore, Carnival City is an ideal place for family entertainment. Activities include movie nights at the Ster Kinekor Cinemas, games at the Magic Company Arcade, and even a Kidzone Crèche for the youngest visitors.

What are the outdoor activities at Carnival City?

Lastly, outdoor activities include thrilling rides at Pocket Park. These rides are fun and provide a spectacular view of the carnival, creating a perfect ending to a memorable day.

What are the operating hours of Carnival City?

Firstly, the operating hours of Carnival City vary depending on the specific area. Generally, the casino is open 24/7. However, for other areas like the cinemas or restaurants, it's best to check the official website for the most accurate information.